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How Can I Help Improve Your Business?

If your website is failing to meet your desired expectations, then you've come to the right place. With over 16 years of experience as a digital marketer, I have the knowledge to diagnose and resolve many of the issues that plague websites. The strategies I recommend will all be data-driven and will follow industry best practices. Beyond my years of experience I'm also very ethical and easy to work with. Below are a few of the more common services I offer.

Technical SEO Audits

A technical SEO audit will uncover any errors or bottlenecks that could be preventing your site from reaching its maximum potential. Upon completion you'll receive the analysis that highlights all the discovered issues and recommendations to resolve them. If you do not have the resources to correct the issues in-house, I could also offer my services in that regard. This audit is always a great first step into optimizing your site.

SEO Audit

If you have concerns about where you are ranking in the search engines, this is the audit for you. The delivered analysis will consist of the terms your website is ranking for, their position, search volume and many other metrics. I will review your top digital competitors and deliver a report of your top competitors and the keywords they are ranking for. You may be surprised to find how your competition will differ online versus offline. Finally there will be a quick wins section where you'll receive data-driven suggestions to improve your rankings. This section highlights the the terms that are on the precipice of ranking well. With a bit of effort they could start out performing your competition.


Would you like to know what your visitors do after they arrive on your website? I could configure your Google Analytics account to collect data for every interaction on your websites. These events could be anything you would like, from a form submission to a click on your navigation to a user scrolling to the bottom of the page. Initially we'll have a conversation about which elements you would like to track and how they should be labeled. Then I would set up and test the tracking. Once I can confirm that all elements are being tracked, I'll show you how to review the data.

Paid Search Audit

Sometimes a third party gut-check is needed for a paid search account. If hired, I would analyze your existing account and offer suggestions for improvement. Depending on how the account is managed, you could be wasting large amounts of your budget. My suggestions will help you save money and improve performance. When reviewing ads, keywords and landing pages, I will offer suggestions to increase conversion rates.

Paid Search Management

Much of my career has been spent managing PPC campaigns. I could build an account from scratch or rebuild an existing account for your business. When managing an account I try to follow these principles:

  • Only deliver ads to potential customers.
  • Reduce costs wherever possible.
  • Ensure the position of the ads are high and above the competition.
  • Relevant and consistent messaging across keywords, ads and landing pages.
  • Configure every ad extension that makes sense for your business.
  • All efforts will be tied back to the primary goal of the business.
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My Approach to the Digital Marketing Process

  1. Discovery: Beforing starting, I would like to learn about your business: what are your goals; who is your target audience; what makes your business special.
  2. Analysis: Once I begin a project, I'll conduct analysis to collect the data needed to effectively complete the task at hand.
  3. Diagnose the issues: All of the issues in the initial analysis will be highlighted with recommended best practices to resolve them.
  4. Develop Strategy: Next I will plan a strategy in multiple phases. It will prioritize the areas that will give your business the largest boost in performance.
  5. Implementation: Once the strategy is agreed upon, I will benchmark the current data set and begin implementing the plan.
  6. Monitor/Measure: After the work has been completed and enough data has been collected, I'll compare the new data with the benchmark to measure the success of the project.
  7. Rinse & Repeat: Once the project is completed we could either fix any new bottlenecks or move on to new project.
Digital Marketing Process

Determining Your Primary Goals

Before working with a company, I'll need to understand who they are, what they do and how they measure success. Without that knowledge it would be impossible to do my job correctly. Here are a few questions I may ask before starting a project:

Why do you have a website?

Sadly, many businesses have a website because... well, everyone else has one. Your website should have a purpose for existing and business owners should have a clear understanding of what that purpose is.

What do you want individuals to do on your site?

Every page on your site should have a call-to-action pointing users to your goals. Learning what your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are will allow me to understand how to optimize your call-to-actions to improve conversion rates.

Who is your ideal audience?

Ensuring the right audience is viewing your content is very important. If your website isn't attracting potential customers then your site is failing.

What do you do better than any of your competitors?

Understanding what sets your business apart from everyone else will help to bring new users to your site. We would want to highlight those features/traits whenever possible.

Large Projects

Sometimes the scale of a project will be outside my capabilities. However I could still help. For projects that would require a larger team, I would then introduce you to the company I work with. They do outstanding work and they have a fully staffed digital marketing team that handles many large corporations. We would also go through them for any larger targeting projects. They have the capabilities to create precise geo-fencing and manage programmatic digital video campaigns such as OTT/CTV.

Pricing / Billing

My billing is extremely flexible. Projects can either be billed hourly or for a lump sum. Some project would require a management fee, but all pricing would be discussed before any work would be started. I try to make everything as transparent as possible and there are absolutely no hidden fees.

Non-Compete Disclosure

There are some topics that I am not allowed to work on because of a non-compete agreement. All areas are listed below:

Western PA: Personal Injury / Workers Compensation / Employment Law

Unfortunately I am not legally allowed to work for any law firms in Pennsylvania who practice personal injury; workers' compensation and employment law. If you do require help in these areas, I could connect you with the agency I consult for. However, I would not be allowed to work on your account.